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Explore More in North Bay

Looking for other activities or a hotel for your time in North Bay Ontario? We have put together lists of our favorite things to do in the area and some of the hotels near by! Check out these links after you’ve booked your cruise on Chief Commanda II.

Things to Do

The Heritage Railway & Carousel Company provides hours of laughter and enjoyment to 100, 000 + visitors each summer who stop by to ride the beautiful carousels and miniature railway at North Bay’s Waterfront.

The Dionne Quints Museum, is a not for profit institution, operated by the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce with the co-operation of Annette and Cecile Dionne. Housing in the original Dionne homestead, the museum contains many artifacts from the Quint’s early days and their growing years.

This miniature railway located near the waterfront runs on 2700 feet of 15″ gauge track. You experience travel in an old fashioned way as you buy your ticket at the station and once on the train, the conductor punches your ticket just like the old days.

Since 1973 the former North Bay Area Museum, now @discoverynorthbay, has been a local voice of heritage preservation and education for the community. Our goal for our current exhibits is to tell the stories of our community in a way you’ve never seen before … Whether that means seeing archival film footage or photographs of North Bay throughout its history, listening to stories told by members of the community of their experiences in the city and surrounding area, looking at collectibles from North Bayites who put together their own small exhibits in “The Collector’s Corner”, riding a velocipede, driving a train, testing your skills as a railway postal worker or learning about the future of the “Community Waterfront Park”… there is something to see or do in every nook and cranny of the building.

Fun Rentals is North Bay’s Most Unique Waterfront Attraction. Riding and pedaling our product is the most fun and unforgettable experience that a family can have together while enjoying our beautiful waterfront. The physical benefits of everyone pedaling is obvious and make the ride that much more interactive. The pricing is very reasonable and youth love the excitement of being on the equipment. The bikes are very stable and easy to pedal. Couples – Families – Individuals – Seniors … all can enjoy our products … simply put – they’re a whole lot of FUN!

Located at Memorial Gardens, 100 Chippewa St. West – includes a photo display of over 200 members as well as historical photo and artifacts displays.


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